November 13, 2010

Greetings from the Philippines! Today we concluded a three day conference on Biblical Hermeneutics. CLICK ABOVE FOR THE REST OF THE BLOG

I taught the sessions for the conference along with FBC missionary David James. It was a great joy to minister to the students at the Bible Institute as well as the 40 pastors who participated. David is the Executive Director of the Alliance for Biblical Integrity. He was previously the Academic Dean of the WOL Bible Institute in Hungary. This event was the first international ministry for Dave since he left Hungary to start ABI. His academic experience and his knowledge of current theological issues contributed greatly to the conference. We were disappointed with a lower attendance than we expected, but the pastors who attended were greatly blessed.

Our emphasis through the conference was to encourage the students and pastors that God has spoken to us through his Word. Knowing that God’s message is clear and understandable drives us to study methods that seek to reveal the message. I presented the importance of inductive study methods. I also presented a practical approach for going “From Text to Sermon – Tools for the Effective Delivery of the Word.”

The entire pastoral and leadership team from Gerizim Baptist church attended. This was the same church where I presented a Discipleship Conference on Sunday. Pastor Benjamin is a Philippine born man of Chinese descent. He loves the Lord and the Word and we spent much time discussing discipleship and preaching. It is one of the many relationships forged during these days of ministry.

Please join with me in praying for these requests:
∙ Pray for me as I finish teaching the final 15 hours of Pastoral Epistles and Pastoral Leadership. I resume teaching on Monday and conclude Wednesday.
∙ Pray for Mountainview Bible Church here in Perez. The church was established years ago by the WOL staff. Pray for a great harvest of souls and the growth of the church through the Living Christmas Tree program to be performed in the town square in Calauan on Dec 10-11.
∙ Continue to pray for Mike Foster’s health.
∙ Praise the Lord for Eunice Arcedera’s protection through the nearly fatal delivery of their daughter, Addi. Pray for Jonel as he ministers the gospel this weekend.
∙ Pray that the Lord would use me to be an encouragement to Yoshito and Isako Kato, and Kazu and Amy Kato. I arrive in Tokoy on Thursday, 11/18.

I am praying for all of you and am anxious to return and share the stories of blessing and ministry for God’s glory!

In His Service,

Pastor Paul