Greetings from the Philippines!m (Click headline for complete article)


The Lord has truly blessed during the past 2 weeks! I am just getting ready for a few hours of rest before flying out early Monday morning, Philippine time. With the time change, my flight arrives in Philadelphia at 2 PM, Monday afternoon.


Last week I completed two courses at the Word of Life Bible Institute. It was the first time in my teaching ministry here that I taught five hours every day. I was concerned that the students would grow weary of hearing the same teacher for five hours (I sure would!) But each day was split between the two classes, so I never taught the same class for more than three hours. They really to enjoy the classes.


The end of my ministry in the Philippines was spent in Manila. I led two sessions at the Grace Christian School on Friday dealing with "What is Truth, and Why is it Under Attack?" The Second Pastors Conference was held on Saturday, with 78 pastors attending an the all day format. There were many questions concerning conflict in the church, so I feel that the seminars that I led were helpful to the pastors. Today (Sunday), I shared with the Eternity Week team, and preached at one of the churches in Fairview this morning.


It was the second time that I have ministered here with David James, our missionary from the Alliance for Biblical Integrity. His aptitude for theology provided a great balance for my focus on practical pastoral ministry. Since Dave plays the guitar and has led music for many years, we combined for a worship seminar for all the students. They were excited to learn several songs that Pastor Jason has taught us at FBC. I’m sure they will become a part of the students musical favorites.


The impact that Word of Life has in the Philippines is quite profound. This week, students are conducting an evangelism emphasis in the Fairview section of Manila. In the first few days, they share the gospel with several thousand people through street evangelism, exhibition basketball games, puppet shows and door-to-door witnessing. Several churches are sponsoring the ministry, providing a strong local church connection.


The impact is even greater in the provincial areas, such as Bicol and Palawan, where I have conducted pastors conferences for Word of Life. The pastors in these areas receive very little encouragement, and most cannot attend the conferences that are held more frequently in Manila.


I have witnessed their hunger for good teaching resources. Word of Life Philippines director, Mike Foster thanked Faith Bible Church for the impact that we have had in many areas of the Philippines through our ministry teams, and through the teaching ministry that I have conducted over the past few years.


Please pray for the following requests:


Pray for safety as I fly home on Monda

Pray for Dave James as he teaches all week for Jimmy DeYoungs"School of the Prophets" in Lancaster this week

Continue to pray for Bot’s recovery

Pray for the students on Eternity Week. Pray that the Lord would open up hearts, and provide both physical and spiritual strength for the students and faculty

Pray for new excavation beginning this week for dormitories for the Bible Institute students

Pray for the new ministries beginning at Faith Bible Church, such as our food pantry, and soup night on February 4

Pray that there would be no unexpected problems with the installation of the floor in the gymnasium



Thank you for your prayers while I was away. Our church family is constantly on my heart. Your generosity in sharing your pastor for 2 weeks has greatly blessed the Filipino people and helped advance the gospel.


In His Service,


Pastor Paul