In Sunday’s sermon I spoke about the need to be informed about news events from sources other than the American news media.  Most of the news that you read on Internet sites like MSN and Yahoo comes from either the Associated Press, the New York Times or one of the major news networks (ABC, CBS, NBC or CNN).  All of these sources are extremely biased and distort the news in several ways.

  1. Misleading headlines.  Most read only the headline so editors can report on one thing but mislead the reader with a creative or misleading headline.
  2. Incomplete reporting.  A writer can mislead readers by providing quotes or expert opinions that are one-sided, or by omitting any alternative viewpoint or informed source.
  3. Omission.  This is the biggest way that the news media manipulates the minds of most Americans.  We simply are never given access to important news.   The major news sources in America are deeply entrenched with a secular-humanist world view.  By omitting stories that don’t fit their bias, they steer their readers into embracing a secular-humanist world view.  It is impossible to understate the influence that the news and entertainment industry has in the way that opinion is formed in our country.

There are some news sources, like Fox which are somewhat more trustworthy.  But the best way to be up-to-date on important news is to read alternative sources that will report with honesty and fairness.  Here are some sources that will help you stay current with important news and information crucial to our daily lives.   Sign up to the Washington Update from the Family Research Council.  They offer a series of updates delivered to your e-mail as stories break.  Sign up for alerts from American Family Association.  Excellent Christian advocacy group.  Just what it says.  Every Christian should be on their e-mail distribution list.  The Heritage foundation provides well researched commentary from a conservative point of thew.  They are not a Christian organization but their views are consistent with a Christian world view.  This news site includes news not reported in most other media.  This is the website for Voice of the Martyrs.  Get yourself on their e-mail list as well.  Read the Jerusalem Post for a clearer picture of events related to Israel and the Palestinians.  Another good source for news related to Israel.

There are dozens of other sources, but this will keep you busy reading, and well informed!  Then, most of all, pray for revival in our churches that would spread to our nation and illuminate the deep spiritual darkness that is enveloping us all.