Welcome to Faith Bible’s Music Ministry. We thank God for allowing us to have so many opportunities for His people to serve in this particular area.

Here are several capacities in which our members can participate here at Faith.

  • Adult Choir Ministers every Sunday morning from Labor Day –Memorial Day
  • Worship Team – Leads worship every Sunday morning
  • Special Music – Musicians minister for both am and pm services
  • Instrumental Ensemble – Accompany the Sunday am service
  • Youth Praise Band – Worship team and instrumentalists lead every Wed night
  • Higher Praise – The Children’s Choir at Faith sings once a month on Sunday am
  • Living Christmas Tree – The Adult Choir Christmas Musical
  • Spring Productions – We provide choir and drama at a special time in the spring
  • Worship Nights – Saturday night worship and testimony time
  • CD Ministry- weekly CDs are available for those who missed AM services
  • Online sermon archive– weekly sermons can be heard thru this website



One Voice– Video Clip

Lord I Need You – Video Clip



We are grateful for the many people who serve in these areas and who use their talents and abilities for Him. Faith Bible believes that worship comes from the heart and should be evident every day life (Romans 12:1, 2). As the Gospel of Mark also states “Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.” This is what worship and Christian living is all about, and it is what we desire for all the worshippers here at Faith Bible Church.

Come join us, as we worship together!

Worshipping Daily,

Jason Parmer
Pastor of Music and Worship


*A special thanks to Music Central for all of their help in the area of sound, music and instrumental service. They have been a great resource in these areas, and we appreciate all they do for Faith Bible Church.

To learn more about sound equipment, instruments and musical lesson, please visit their website at: www.musiccentralonline.com

Thanks, guys!!!


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IWillGlory-ChoirAndCongrgation.mp3 3.3 MB
ThatsWhyWePraiseHim.mp3 1.29 MB
Instrumental-I Will Call Upon the Lord.mp3 3.6 MB
You Have Saved Us.mp3 372.29 KB
All Hail and Worship the King.mp3 2.11 MB
Lord I Lift and Nothing but the Blood.mp3 2.32 MB
He Is Exalted, You are Crowned and Your Grace is Enough.mp3 2.89 MB
Agnus Dei, Your Name.mp3 2.99 MB
Worthy of my Praise.mp3 891.28 KB
Jesus Came to Earth.mp3 1.42 MB
Come Now Is the Time to Worship.mp3 1.24 MB
Crown Him-Holy, Holy,Holy.mp3 1.82 MB
Majesty-Come Into His Presence.mp3 1.65 MB
Psalms 62.mp3 1.41 MB
All I Have is Christ.mp3 1.55 MB
Friend of God-Our God Reigns.mp3 2.24 MB
O Great God.mp3 1.34 MB
Ancient of Days.mp3 772.92 KB
What a Savior.mp3 1.32 MB
Wonderful Merciful-My Savior My God.mp3 3.15 MB
How Deep the Fathers Love.mp3 1.79 MB
The Fathers Love.mp3 1.61 MB
Above All.mp3 1.08 MB
How Excellent and I Sing the Mighty Power.mp3 1.99 MB
Made to Worship and Before the Throne.mp3 2.66 MB
Awesome is the Lord.mp3 1.64 MB
Better is One Day.mp3 1.04 MB
All Hail the Power of Jesus Name.mp3 1.18 MB
Love the Lord.mp3 683.94 KB
Mighty is our God.mp3 683.73 KB
What Can I Do.mp3 1.35 MB
Oh the Deep Deep Love.mp3 1.21 MB
Hosanna(Praise is Rising).mp3 1.28 MB
Indescribable.mp3 1.37 MB
The Power of the Cross.mp3 2.41 MB
You Have Saved Us 2.mp3 862.92 KB
Lead Me to the Cross.mp3 1.32 MB
By This We Know Love.mp3 1.31 MB
Come Christians Join to Sing.mp3 2.15 MB
Forever.mp3 1.24 MB
Here I Am to Worship.mp3 1.99 MB
Come Thou Fount.mp3 1.16 MB
The Greatest of All-2.mp3 1.05 MB
Holy is the Lord-2.mp3 1.22 MB
You Alone Can Rescue.mp3 1.68 MB
Majestic.mp3 1.45 MB
Unashamed.mp3 1.29 MB
How Great is Our God.mp3 1.73 MB
We Sing.mp3 1.36 MB
Son of God.mp3 1.43 MB
Come People of the Risen King.mp3 1.51 MB
He Knows My Name.mp3 1.04 MB
Blessed Be Your Name 2.mp3 1.76 MB
I Come By the Blood- Instrumental.mp3 1.69 MB
Beautiful One- Instrumental.mp3 1.81 MB
Give Us Clean Hands.mp3 1.29 MB
I Come By the Blood.mp3 1.58 MB
Behold Our God.mp3.mp3 2.15 MB
Overcome.mp3 1.mp3 1.37 MB
How Great is Your Love.mp3 1.mp3 1.53 MB