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Why “To the Jew First”?

W Dr. Mike Stallard, Friends of Israel Introduction: The Basic Passages             Romans 1:14-17 Paul says he is a DEBTOR (v. 14-15 The  GOSPEL is the power of God (v. 16) “Everyone who believes” means ­________________ (v. 16) For the Jew ­­­FIRST  and also for the Greek (v. 16) The just shall live by FAITH  (v. 17) Romans 2:9-11 Punishment of evil – of the Jew ­­­FIRST (v. 9) Rewards for good – to the Jew FIRST (v. 10) There…

The Jewish Apostle at Mars Hill

Repentance (17:30) 1. God’s MERCY 2. Definition of repentance- change of mind/attitude/posture. 3. Relationship to Faith – Everyone must Repent Judgment 1. People are Accountable for their sins 2. HISTORY is going somewhere. 3. The Greek understanding of judgment (Hades) Jesus is the basis for the coming judgment – exclusive belief in Jesus as THE ONLY WAY Resurrection (17:31) 1. The Cross – Did Paul talk about the Cross? 2. Resurrection PROVES Jesus’ appointment as Judge. The RESPONSE to Paul’s message (32-34) 1. Sneered or Mocked 2. Immortality of the Soul

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What Happens When We Fail?

This Sunday Pastor Jason will continue the series “Make Your Life Count.” He will look at Joshua 7 and the sin of Achan. What happens when we sin? Sin in our lives doesn’t just affect us, but also others around us. We need to learn to ask forgiveness and move forward.

Abraham’s Step of Faith

Welcome to Faith Bible Church. Join us as Pastor Jason speaks on “Making Your Life Count.” He will look at the steps of faith Abraham took to make his life count by following God, even in the face of many failures.

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